Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the difference between a simple cleaning and a deep cleaning? 

    Our professional deep-cleaning service is designed for homes that have not been thoroughly cleaned within the past 30-60 days and will take two or more hours in addition to a basic cleaning to complete. Our deep-cleaning service covers areas that are not covered in a simple clean-service such as wet wiping baseboards, degreasing kitchen appliances, and heavy scrubbing of the bathroom.

  •  What's included in a deep cleaning? 

    Wet wiping:
    We clean behind furniture and other hard-to-reach areas such as:

    • Ceiling fans (a step ladder must be provided)
    • Lighting fixtures within arms reach
    • Vents
    • Doorframes
    • Hanging wall frames
    • TV / CPU monitor
    • Table / chairs
    • Windowsills
    • Window frame area where window lock is located
    • A/C units
    • Mirrors

    Entertainment units (exterior only)Delicate and antique items (disclaimer: if there are a multitude of decorative items, more cleaning time will be required to complete the appointment beyond what is typically prescribed for a deep cleaning).


    Utilizing our unique methods plus a good set of products and tools, we'll leave your kitchen sparkling clean. Our approach includes:

    • Degreasing kitchen cabinets (exterior)
    • Degreasing stovetop
    • Degreasing backsplash
    • Scrubbing interior of microwave
    • Refrigerator (exterior, including top1)
    • Clean backsplash
    • Cleaning countertops (disclaimer: if there are more than 3 counter top appliances more time may be required)
    • Tabletops
    • Scrub kitchen sink
    • Polish faucet
    • Clean exterior of trashcan
    • Cleaning underneath cabinets

    Floor Care & Cleaning:
    Floors can rank among the dirtiest surfaces in your home. We break everything down by area and clean each type of surface using the proper method. During a deep clean we:

    • Vacuum and mop the floors
    • Wet wipe baseboards
    • Scrub grout lines (disclaimer: grout cleaning is extensive, and Mom’s standard can not ensure perfect grout lines following a deep-clean)

    The amount of time required to clean a full-size bathroom may vary depending on the size of the bathroom and how much intensive cleaning and organizing is needed to produce a sanitary and squeaky clean result.

    During a deep clean we:

    • Soap build up removal from shower / tub area
    • Thoroughly scrub the shower area (please note: if mold or mildew needs to be removed a bleach spray will be used and a $25 mold removal fee will be added to the booking).Heavy toilet scrubbing
    • Heavy scrubbing of sink
    • Heavy scrubbing of floor area
    • Wiping down floor to ceiling tiles
    • Clean toiletry bottles
    • Clean toilet using Mom’s Standard sanitary cleaning methodology
    • Vacuum/mop floors
    • Wash and dry mirrors
    • Polish all reflective surfaces
  • What's included in a simple cleaning?

    A simple-cleaning service sometimes referred to as a domestic clean, can help maintain your home. Our professional simple-clean service is designed for clients that subscribe for recurring service. This service includes:

      • Dusting furniture and baseboards (disclaimer: does not include wet-wiping or cleaning behind or under stable furniture)
      • Wiping kitchen cabinets
      • Cleaning the stovetop and kitchen appliances (disclaimer: if there are an excess of kitchen appliances 3+ additional time may be needed to complete the cleaning)
      • Wiping kitchen countertops
      • Vacuuming/sweeping/mopping floors
      • Bathroom cleaning (Please note: The bathroom is cleaned to relatively the same standard during a simple and deep cleaning service to achieve “Mom’s Standard.” This may not include organization of toiletries and other personal effects depending on the time required to carry out such tasks)
  • How do I know if I need a deep cleaning? 

    Before starting recurring service with Mom's Standard, we strongly recommend a deep-cleaning as your first appointment. Why? A deep cleaning gives our team of dedicated professional cleaners a strong foundation to maintain your home from.

  • What sort of products do you use?

    Mom’s Standard uses eco-friendly cleaning products. As a professional-service company, we have your health in mind. We also take the health and well-being of our cleaners’ very seriously and try to reduce exposing our cleaners to harmful chemicals on a consistent basis. This way, we are able to maintain the air quality of your home environment and a happy and healthy workforce.

    During a deep-clean, some homes may require more of a “tough love” approach. In these circumstances, we may often need stronger cleaning products such as bleach products to remove mold from kitchens and bathrooms and non-eco-friendly oven cleaner to remove baked-on messes.

  • What are your rates?

    Our professional-service cleaning rates are dependent on the size of the home.

    If your home is under 3 bedrooms or 950 sq. ft., please refer to pricing on our Services page. For larger homes or commercial spaces, we offer an hourly option, which is $50+tax per hour per cleaner (3-hour minimum) and includes the cost of supplies. The benefit of the hourly option is that you only pay for the time the cleaners spend on your cleaning checklist. Additionally, the hourly option circumvents having to pay for a la carte option.

  • Is there anything I need to provide? 

    It is recommended that a full size vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment is available in your home. This will be required for any clients with pets, homes over 700 sq ft, and during a Mom’s Standard deep-cleaning service. In the case a full-size vacuum cleaner is not be provided, a HEPA filtered vacuum rental will be required at an extra charge of $40+tax.

    For hard-to reach spaces, our cleaners will often require the use of a step stool so, we ask that you keep one available for use in your home.

    Additional must-haves include:

    • Toilet bowl brush
    • One paper towel roll
  • Is the company/cleaners insured?

    Yes! We are insured with a general liability policy with an aggregate payout of 2 million per occurrence. Our cleaners are also covered under a worker’s compensation policy which protects them in the event of personal injury. We are bonded in the event there is an instance of proven theft.

  • Who will be cleaning my house?

    A confirmation email will be sent the day before your cleaning appointment notifying you with the name(s)' of the cleaner(s) who will be arriving. If you are a recurring client, the same cleaner will be assigned to each appointment. In the event your cleaning tech is unavailable during your regular appointment time, a substitute will be provided.

  • What are your earliest and latest start times? 

    The earliest time an appointment can be scheduled with a Mom’s Standard cleaner is 8:00 am. Due to the time it takes to clean, our latest available appointment slot is 2:00 pm.

  • What locations do you service?

    At Mom’s Standard, we service three of the five burrows to include the following locations:

    Manhattan - excluding Inwood; below 135th St. only

    Brooklyn - excluding areas south of Borough Park / Flatbush and areas east of East Flatbush.

    Queens - only Astoria, LIC, Ridgewood, Sunny Side

  • How many cleaners will you send?

    Our number one priority is ensuring that your cleaning is completed to Mom’s Standard standards. Therefore, the numbers of cleaners that will be sent will often be dependent on the requirements of your home.

  • How long have you been in business?

    Our anniversary date is June 1, 2015!

  • What if I'm not happy with my cleaning?

    If you are dissatisfied with your cleaning please contact our office at or via phone 800-583-1816 within 24 hours of the cleaning and we'll arrange for a complimentary reclean ASAP!