As a new age company our interest is to create sustainable jobs and provide superior quality service

We're committed to improving the quality of life for as many New Yorkers as possible. This means providing an awesome service for you and ensuring the cleaners who service your home will be paid over 1.6% x minimum wage.

+All cleaning products supplied by our cleaners for simple and deep cleanings are eco-friendly (Method, Meyers, Murphys, we take your health and the environment into consideration)*

+Boutique like operation with customizable room aromas (essential oils)  

+Floors are mopped with white terry cloth and natural floor cleaner (Bona floor polish-additional cost)

+100 checkpoint cleaning list

+Higher wages = better staff and people you can trust and rely on! 

+Option to select the same cleaner for every cleaning-pending the cleaner's availability

+3% of gross revenue is donated to non for profit organizations annually- MIMSI

+We're bonded and insured 

+Amazing customer support, contact us via telephone, SMS text messaging, or e-mail

+100% customer satisfaction guarantee - there's no such thing as "sorta clean" so you'll never have to worry about a disagreement with our cleaning standards!